06.Mar.2014 Earthling Society New Album “England Have My Bones”

England Have My Bones

Psychedelic pagan space rock band Earthling Society have completed work on their forthcoming album, “England Have My Bones”, their eighth album which is initially being released on vinyl and cassette by Riot Season on 30th June. We’ll be releasing an extended version on CD later this year. The LP is available for pre-order here.

11.Jan.2014 Interstellar Overdrive: The Shindig Guide to Spacerock

4 Zero Records advert from Shindig Guide to Spacerock

4 Zero Records advert from Shindig Guide to Spacerock

Here’s the advert we’ve run in ‘Interstellar Overdrive: The Shindig Guide to Spacerock‘, issued in mid January. featuring a few of our latest releases from Here & Now, Mushroom, Sentient, Earthling Society and Lunar Dunes, and all available from Amazon, iTunes, etc. etc. The magazine itself includes interviews with Here & Now and Earthling Society.


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01.Nov.2013 “Live In London” Reviews

Two great reviews for our new Here & Now album, “Live In London”. Vive Le Rock magazine give it  7/10, “Sound quality and musicianship are superb, with a rock solid rhythm section propelling the songs beneath reverb-heavy keyboards, guitar and chanted vocals”. Prog magazine said “This absorbing live album might well have been captured four decades ago, in a far-flung, wind-whipped tent of some swampy free festival. Amorphous, protean and suspended in time like a fly in amber”.liveinlondonprog liveinlondonvive

05.Sep.2013 Here & Now “Live In London”

Long awaited and much anticipated “Live In London” by Here & Now will be released on 28th October. Absolute prime time Here & Now: Steffe, Keith, Steve and Gwyo rip it up and fly the flag in deepest Camden.

Here & Now "Live In London"

London, Camden, Dingwalls – scene of many a scene. Here & Now put in brilliant live set supporting, er…, well supporting themselves (with the addition of daevid allen) as Planet Gong – in fact Planet Gong’s last gig to date.

Here & Now conjure muscularly quicksilver live versions of UFOasis tracks, 3 older favourites most wonderfully re-visited, a couple of beautiful new tracks probably destined to only ever be on this release and some superb psychedelically spacey jamin’ that could only be them. If this isn’t their finest album it’s dam as well near it.

The album can be previewed and pre-ordered at Planet Gong.


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29.May.2013 More Zodiak Reviews

Pre-orders for the CD version of Zodiak will start very soon (there’s been a little bit of an issue with the pressing plant). The reviews continue though: our friend Ian Abrahams wrote in Record Collector that “The gnarled spine of the disk comes in the form of two multi-part epics, the title track and “The Astral Traveller”, in which ragged lumps of cosmic debris are hurled unapologetically into your brain. Grabbing handfuls of the rockier end of the krautrock spectrum and mixing it with Pinkwind street smarts, this is stoner rock of the most dubious chemistry”. And Marco Rossi wrote in Shindig! magazine that Earthling Society “riff themselves to abstract smithereens like Guru Guru performing Space Ritual with nothing to sustain them but a bucket of goat’s blood and a drinking straw apiece”. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

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02.May.2013 ZodiaK Reviews in Mojo and Classic Rock

The reviews for the new Earthling Society album, “ZodiaK” have started to appear. Mojo said “Blackpool long-haulers present psych rock with electronics, sax and lyrics of nihilism, misanthropy, kissing Satan’s hoof and wanting a girlfriend. The half hour title freakout recalls Syd Floyd, Hawkwind, Ash Ra Tempel”. Geoff Barton at Classic Rock said “A journey through the mind of a drifting serial killer, Zodiak, to the alter of the satanic occultist, in the Astral Traveller. Earthling Society win the prize for Best Concept Album Of The Year So Far. The magnificently meandering 30-minute title track is Zodiak’s centrepiece, reminiscent of a spontaneously combusting space rock collaboration between Hawkwind legend Dik Mik and Primal Scream.

Pre-order will be open very soon. In the meantime, you can listen to a version of the title track here, even if it is not the full 30 minutes you’ll get on the CD.

31.Mar.2013 Sentient – Jamming at The Real Music Club

Last year Steffe Sharpstrings debuted a new band, Sentient, at the Real Music Club in Brighton. Those that were there agreed it was a truly wonderful evening. For those that weren’t, the show was professionally recorded and we will hopefully be releasing it later this year. If you can’t wait, check this video…

10.Mar.2013 Earthling Society – “ZodiaK” CD released

Earthling Society - Zodiak

Earthling Society – Zodiak

In June, possibly a bit earlier, we will be releasing the CD version of the Earthling Society’s new album, “Zodiak”, a  journey through the mind of a drifting serial killer, Zodiak, to the altar of the Satanic occultist in the Astral Traveller. The CD features a full length version of the title track, four bonus tracks not available on the vinyl release, and additional artwork by frontman Fred Laird. Further details are available here, and pre-order will be available soon.

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03.Feb.2013 Earthling Society – “Zodiak” free download

Ahead of the CD release of Earthling Society’s “Zodiak”, which will have enhanced artwork and 4 additional tracks, there is a free download of a live version of the title track available now. Recorded at last year’s Onboard The Craft festival, it’s 30 minutes of full on, brutal, Detroit inspired psych.

04.Dec.2012 New Earthling Society Album, “Zodiak” – Out Now

The latest release from Earthling Society is out now. You can get the vinyl edition direct from the band’s web site and Nasoni Records, including a limited number in purple. The CD will be released on 4 Zero early next year with four bonus tracks. Taking in influences such as The Pink Faeries, Spacemen3, German oak, Hawkind, 70’s Detroit rock and early Floyd, Earthling Society take you on a journey through the mind of a drifting serial killer (Zodiak) to the altar of the Satanic occultist in the Astral Traveller…




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