FZ018: Judge Barry Hertzog “The Best Of Slag Van Blowdriver”

“Terrible in the provincial earnestness of his truth, Hertzog is the John Deere of dance!”

This Dutch border rebel DJ renegade uses his role as the self-proclaimed ‘First Indie Football Hooligan’ to promote a Messiah-like solo music career from atop his DAF armoured car from deep in the woods around the uplands of his beloved Drenthe.

Released on the 4 ZERO label and recorded especially as part of the soundtrack of Julian Cope’s acclaimed novel ONE THREE ONE, the artist has collaborated with Slomo’s Holy McGrail to create this gigantic two-track post-rave Krautrock overload – bringing back to life the epic minor-key music of villain Judge Barry Hertzog, whose omnipresence pervades the novel’s pages.

ONE THREE ONE was published in June 2014 by Faber & Faber to ecstatic reviews, The Guardian commenting, “One of the most brilliant, serious, funny, life-crammed novels any reader is likely to lay their mitts on”.

“The Best Of Slag Van Blowdriver” was released asa highly limited CD and a highly unlimited download on 20th February 2016.


  1. (26.50) ASSEN MAY ’91 26:55
  2. (25.50) ZUIDLAREN JUNE ’89

The Best Of Slag Van Blowdriver


Julian Cope – Vocals, Keyboards

Holy McGrail – Synths, Space Echo

Composed by Julian Cope and Holy McGrail

Recorded and Mastered by Holy McGrail

Sleeve design by Avalon Cope

Produced by Judge Barry Hertzog



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