FZ017: Earthling Society “England Have My Bones”

England have my bones. Described by one reviewer on its original vinyl release in 2014 as ritualistic psychedelia; the kind that if you were to set aside a day to take massive amounts of hallucinogens in an attempt to make contact with your holy guardian alien, this album will get you about as close as it gets.

Now available in its entirety with the omitted garage noise of ‘Rivers Edge’ and the ever morphing Buddhist wheel of ‘Dharma Transmission’ both left of the vinyl release due to timing restrictions.

A pot-pouri of Crowleyan psychedelic Magick, free jazz, noise and piracy displayed through the opiate lens of a William Burroughs nightmare, Earthling Society have created the best and most spiritual album of their career, as well as creating one of the most out there albums of recent years culminating in their highly acclaimed jazz guitar reworking of the Alice Coltrane classic ‘Journey in Satchadinanda’

“England Have My Bones” will be released 4 Zero Records on 21st June. The CD comes in a vinyl style gatefold sleeve


  1. Aiwass
  2. Rivers Edge
  3. Tortuga
  4. Journey In Satchidinanda
  5. England Have My Bones
  6. Dharma Transmission


The praise for last years vinyl release on Riot Season records:

“Current wielders of the finest fuzz & astral incense on these shores, or I’m a Dutchman”. – Stereo Sanctity

“Godz-driven, primal, ballistic-psychedelic, balls-to-the-wall psychedelic rock” – Frequency

“Their sound may have a base in the sound of seventies freak-rock collectives but they also move into jazz, ambient, noise and stark neo-folk in ways that are both convincing and delightfully unexpected. – The Quietus”


All songs by Fred Laird except track 4 by Alice Coltrane

Recorded and Produced by Fred Laird in Winter 2014

Fred laird: guitars, voices, mellotron, keys, bouzouki, tanpura, recorder and samples

Jon Blacow: drums and tablas

Kim Allen: electric and fretless bass

Neil Whitehead: noise generator, theremin, microsynth, plastic harpsichord

Mastering by Gary Hobish

Cover Design by Dale Simpson



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