FZ014: Sentient, “Live At The Real Music Club Brighton”

Sentient are an entirely improvisational band – psychedelic in conception, with jazz elements, a tough groove with a definite nod towards funk and Afro beat (yes people will dance to them), and with strong trance flavours that are reminiscent of krautrock.

Sentient are:

  • Steffe Sharpstrings (Here & Now, Gong, Planet Gong) on guitar and vocals
  • Steve Cassidy (Here & Now, Planet Gong, House of Thandoy, Dream Machine) on drums
  • Gary ‘Subs’ Subassa (Karmakanix, Mecca, Dave Howard Singers) on bass.

This is their debut album, recorded at their first gig in 2012 at the Real Music Club in Brighton.


  1. Awaken
  2. On The Other Side
  3. Everything Makes A Difference
  4. Nearer
  5. A Is For Anarchy

Senteint "Live At The Real Music Club Brighton"

This album was released on 2nd December 2013.




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