FZ012: Here & Now, “Live In London”

The roots of Here & Now are firmly embedded in the 70s free festival movement, a spirit that still exists over three decades later in this album recorded live at Dingwalls in Camden in 2007.

Featuring two original members, Steffe Sharpstrings (guitar & vocals) and Keith Th’ Bass (bass & vocals) along with Steve Cassidy (drums) and Gwyo Zepix (keyboards) , “Live In London” combines:

  • previously unreleased classic songs including one originally played back at the early Stonehenge festivals
  • tracks from their classic studio album, “UFOasis”
  • new songs released here for the first time
  • and, naturally, a couple of jams.
Straight after this performance they were joined by Daevid Allen to give what was possibly the last ever performance by Planet Gong.
Track Listing:
  1. Intro
  2. Touched By Time
  3. Love Of This World
  4. Crazy Lives
  5. Telly Song
  6. Moonrise
  7. Underground Dub
  8. Rattle The Cage
  9. Only Way
  10. Near And How

Here & Now "Live In London"This album was released on 28th October 2013.




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