FZ007: Mushroom, “Naked, Stoned & Stabbed”

Mushroom is a musicians collective based in the San Francisco Bay Area – it’s members include guitarist/knob twiddler Josh Pollock (a member of Citay, and collaborator with Gong, Acid Mothers Temple, Ruins, John Cale, and Damo Suzuki), vintage keyboard guru Matt Cunitz (Brightblack Morning Light, Hiss Golden Messenger), multi-instrumentalist Erik Pearson (Daevid Allen, Irene Sazer, Crooked Jades, Billy Talbot/Crazy Horse), bassist Ned Doherty, drummer/bandleader Pat Thomas (renowned reissue producer of recordings by Judee Sill, Ruthann Friedman, Pearls Before Swine, Terry Reid, Cluster & Eno), and Mushroom’s newest member; percussionist David Brandt (his adventures include a European tour with the Kologbo Afrobeat Academy [Oghene Kologbo was the guitarist in Fela Kuti’s Africa 70 band] and performances with Conduction maestro Butch Morris’ New York Skyscraper).

This is a new phase Mushroom, different than all that has come before it. Acoustic, ambient, blending Eastern and Western hemispheres; sitar, violin, pump organ, celesta, vibraharp, dulcimer, flutophone and orchestron. African, Latin, and Indian percussion replacing a conventional drum set. The new Mushroom album is a cross- continental Cinema Verité travelogue of time and space.

Recorded over a weekend at The Wally Sound in Oakland, the sessions were both planned and spontaneous with producer Pat Thomas often adding & subtracting instrumentalists on the fly, from a duo or trio to a octet, giving each song a unique and varied approach. The band had just come off a multi-night run of performances of Pete Townshend’s 1971 rock opera Lifehouse – the vulnerable and dynamic music of that experience provided a catalyst that resulted in Naked, Stoned, & Stabbed. An album that doesn’t sound like The Who nor any Mushroom album you may have heard before.

“Mushroom have long been knights traversing the plains and mountains of psychedelic rock” (The Wire)

Track Listing:

  1. Infatuation
  2. Celebration At Big Sur (The Sound Of The Gulls Outside Of Room 124)
  3. Jerry Rubin: He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother
  4. All The Guitar Players Around Sean Smith Say He’s Got It Coming, But He Gets It While He Can
  5. Take Off Your Face And Recover From That Trip You’ve Been On
  6. The Freak Folk Walk By, Dressed Up For Each Other
  7. Tariq Ali
  8. Though You’re Where You Want To Be, You’re Not Where You Belong
  9. Indulgence
  10. Under The Spell
  11. Walking Barefoot In Babylon
  12. I’ll Give You Everything I’ve Got For A Little Piece Of Mind
  13. Singing A Song In The Morning

“… a milestone for modern progressive guitar bands” All About Jazz

“I’d forgotten just how good these guys really are.” Blurt

“… simply therapeutic and reaches nirvana through its array of soothing sounds” The Waster

“… full of ambitious textures and adventurous soundscapes” All Music Guide

“… the hazy glow of Pearson’s sitar-drenched ‘Tariq Ali,’” Terrascope

“… another very creative musical experience” Lowcut

“Jazz-rock-prog is alive and kicking…” Crawdaddy

“excellent” The Stranger

“Float on, ladies and gentlemen” Shindig!

“As trippy and unfettered as it gets” Eastbayexpress

“It’s so easy to like” Was Ist Das

“tropical heat, Eastern mystique and outer space communications” KJFC Online

“wondrously woozy 13-track session that unfolds like a seamless psychedelic suite” San Francisco Chronicle

“The wealth and riches embedded in these grooves deserve your full attention”. Blogsandiego

“free form spontaneity polished to a fine glow” Absolute Sound magazine, June/July 2010

“Evocative and Eno-eqsque” Record Collector

This album features artwork by Nat Russell and was released on 27th April 2009.



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