FZ011: Moon Of Ostara, “The Star Child”

Music from the Green Ray.

Fred Laird, frontman to the psychedelic rock group, Earthling Society, releases his debut album in celebration of the old ones.

Moon Of Ostara is a proto-druidic hallucinogenic journey into the realms of the star child. Four meditations influenced by the krautrock of Ash Ra Tempel, Harmonia and Walter Wegmullers mystical “Tarot” album.

Ostara is the first day of spring. The energies of nature shift from the death knell of winter to the expansion of spring. The Earth Goddess opens her gates and fertility burst forth bringing with it the star child. He walks the greening fields and makes the hours of day and night equal. He impels the wild creatures to reproduce and he sleeps as a guest in the house of the Interpreter. He is the star child, cosmic and wild; who tells the ages of the moon if not he?

Track Listing:

  1. The Star Child Part 1
  2. The Star Child part 2
  3. The Star Child part 3
  4. The Star Child Part 4

This album was released on 21st May 2012 as a strictly limited CD and strictly unlimited download. A few copies are still available to buy…




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