FZ010: Earthling Society, “Stations Of The Ghost”

Earthling Society’s sixth album, “Stations of the Ghost” takes you into the misty realms of Lancashire witch country.

Recorded throughout the late autumn of 2010, the group have combined the elements of occult folklore with the Halloween orange and wood ash grey of Ray Bradbury, and Thomas Ligotti’s gothic Midwestern tales.

Mixing a potent brew of progressive folk, heavy psychedelic blues, 70’s British fusion jazz and Kraut drone, the Earthling Society have created an expansive psychedelic epic for the Samhain Celebrations….

Track Listing:

  1. Stations Of The Ghost
  2. Dark Horizons
  3. The Last Hurrah
  4. Child Of The Harvest
  5. The Halloween Tree
  6. Night Of The Scarecrow
  7. Lola Daydream

This album was released on 17th July 2011. “Night Of The Scarecrow” was available on the cover mount of the June issue of ‘Classic Rock presents Prog’ magazine.



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