FZ009: Lunar Dunes “Galaxsea”

Although a deal of space time has now passed since the release of the mini masterpiece that was “From Above” these Lunar Dunes have not been idling away light years on the more exclusive private beaches of the Solar System. Far from it…..

After hosting a dozen Club Dune events in the very eaves of the legendary Westway, including a memorable one-song, 90 minute collaboration with Damo Suzuki and more special guests than you can shake a Theremin at, Spring 2011 will finally see the release of the follow-up time capsule that is “Galaxsea” on the 4 Zero label.

The original astral travellers from the debut album of Adam Blake (Cornershop – guitars), Hamilton Lee (Transglobal Underground – drums) and Ian Blackaby (bass) are joined by regular guest Dunes  – harpist Julia Thornton (The Metaphors), Larry Whelan (saxes and keyboards) and Krupa (Transglobal Underground – vocals and chaos pad) in a largely improvisational, sixty minute exploration of far reaching musical destinations that even Space Rock, Krautrock, Prog and Electronica rarely reach, featuring nine time-bending grooves from the Beatrix Beach Bar stylings of Moon Bathing to the Borealian Blues of Free To Do via the frozen wastes of Svalbard and the Siren’s call of Off World Beacon .

Dance the meringue with Mork! Play poker with Prot, and Kerplunk with Klingons! Mud wrestle Mangalores! Ogle the Other Men and fall captive to Orion Slave Girls!

Galaxsea, the time bending soundtrack for the holiday destination that is truly out of this world.

 Track Listing:

  1.  Moon Bathing
  2. Oriental Pacific
  3. Oh You Strange Tune
  4. Pharaoh’s Dream
  5. Ayaz
  6. Svalbard
  7. Free To Do
  8. Eastern Promise
  9. Off World Beacon

This album features artwork by Iker Spozio and was released on 23rd May 2011.

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