FZ006: Earthling Society, “Sci-Fi Hi-Fi”

Speakers play alien comm in static slate grey hum. DIY antennae through broken windows tune into lysergic frequencies. Earthling Society have, with their new album, tried to fly higher than pilots have flown. Six journey songs reveal a glorious new far out paranoid phase for the group. More progressive and kraut-informed than before. Calling to the night owls with their urban late night drives and desert trips. Liquid synths and flying saucer guitars play a different kind of space rock. It’s the space between your ears where the lotus wheel suspends. turning and turning, never ends….

Now it’s time… Crack open a can of UBIK, sit back, relax and turn on the SCI-FI HI-FI

Track Listing:

  1. Sci-Fi Hi-Fi
  2. Tempel ov Flaming Youth
  3. EA1729
  4. The Lantern
  5. A Future Dream
  6. E.V.I.L.U.S.A.

Sci-Fi Hi-Fi


“Earthling Society are back with their fifth album and this one is even more killer than the previous outings”… 5*, Lowcut (1)

“seven sprawling head trips exploring inner space”… 4*, Record Collector, August 2009

“They have reached high altitudes once again… offering atmospheric spacey songs” Progarchives

“This album harks back to the early 80s Stonehenge space rock scene”… Peppermint Iguana

“A potent combination of brutal physicality and mind-melting otherness”… Shindig!, July/August 2009

“yet another very creative outing”… 95/100 ConcreteWeb

“an amazing musical journey”… 10/10, Lowcut (2)

 “a noisy, sprawling, life-affirming mess”… Issue 17,  R2 (Rock N Reel) Magazine

“Breathtaking stuff? You bet.”… Terrascope

“This is another awesome album by Earthling Society”… Psychotropic Zone

“Earthling Society have a brilliant ability to create a jarring sense of eerie isolation”… Sea Of Tranquility

“One of the best releases of the year so far”… Aural Innovations

“the album is worthy of recommendation to all space-rock/psychedelic rock fans”… 7/10 DPRP

“a sprawling, ambitious work, which overcomes a bitty beginning to triumph”… Incendiary Mag

This album features artwork by contemporary artists Fiona Shaw; released on 20th July 2009. For further details please see the release sheet.




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