FZ005: Earthling Society, “Beauty And The Beast”

A fusion of West Coast psychedelia, acid folk, and Krautrock – recorded in their hand-built analogue studio –  “Beauty and the Beast” is Earthling Society’s fourth album… A farewell to their more obvious space rock leanings, instead they have drunk deep from the well of visionaries such as Syd Barrett, Todd Rundgren, Kevin Ayers and John Cale. Twelve string acoustics replace the heavy monotonous riffs that are associated with modern day psychedelia. Autoharps, harmonies and mellotrons weave in and out of concise kosmiche hymns.  Earthling Society have created a psychedelic sound that reflects the other side of the mirror or a playroom steeped in summers dusk.

“A strong contender for modern psychedelic album of the year”… Hawkwind biographer, Ian Abrahams

Track Listing:

  1. Drowned World
  2.  Candlemass
  3. Tenement Song
  4. Sundropped
  5. untitled
  6. A Modest Flower
  7. The Boy With The X-Ray Eyes
  8. The Moonlit Road
  9. Valerie A Tyden Divu
  10. A Playground mystery

Beauty And The Beast

For a track by track analysis read the Roadburn Festival studio report which includes an in depth interview with guitarist/singer Fred Laird.

 “… an uplifting floating relaxed psychedelic acid folk thing”… Organ

“Another wonderful CD containing ten effervescent songs”… Starship Overflow’s CD of the week

“A very interesting step in a new direction and quite successful”… Aural Innovations

“Give your head a treat”… Peppermint Iguana

“simply a gorgeous and expansive release”… Blogs San Diego

“a very mystical, spiritual and magnificent album… one of the best albums of the year”… Psychotropic Zone

“An excellent blend of song and free-wheeling psychedelic buccaneer spirit”… Jerry Kranitz, Roadburn

“a wilfully bedazzled tumble through bright ’60s acid rock, bucolic ’70s heat waves and one of the first worthwhile updates of unadulterated, melodic psych since the ’80s Paisley Underground”… Jambase

“not just a good album – it was, well, how should I put it? Mind-blowing”… Progressiveworld.net

“Sink back into a beanbag, pass the joint and set the volume and bass to max”… Rock’N’Reel

“a beautiful mix of bucolic bliss and garage raunch”… Shindig!

“an excellent addition to the catalogue of 4Zero Records… 92/100”… Concrete Web

“their finest album to date”… Terrascope Online

“another solid album from the Earthling Society”… Dutch Progressive Rock Page

“An album which I will come back to for sure”… Prog Archives

Another release with fantastic artwork by Stacie Willoughby, released 6th May 2008. For further details please see the release sheet.

A track from this album, “The Boy With The X-Ray Eyes”, was included on the covermount CD of the May/June issue of Rock’n’Reel magazine, and the Summer issue #22 of “Under The Radar” magazine.



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