02.Jun.2014 Sentient – Live At The Real Music Club… Again

We’ve just got the rough mix of the Sentient gig recorded at the Real Music Club, Brighton, a couple of weeks ago, this time at the Prince Albert. It’s every bit as good, possibly better, than their inaugural show with a line up that now features Joie Hinton from the Ozrics on keyboards and Tanya Smart from the Oroonies on drums, along with Subs on bass and Steffe on guitar/vocals. Who knows in what guise it will get released or even when so in the meantime here is review of the original gig we released on CD a few months ago. In their review, Terrascope concluded “All in all this is a must have album that combines a wide range of styles from jazz to trance to funk and afro beat all tied together with a psychedelic improvisational sound that works perfectly. This is a CD that rewards repeated listening, each time you hear it you pick up intricacies and depths that you missed on previous playing”. You can buy the CD here, and the next Sentient gig is at Kozfest on July 27th.

Sentient "Live at the Real Music Club" R2 Magazine

Sentient “Live at the Real Music Club” R2 Magazine

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